Our Vision

In a landmark study, it was shown that 95% of the population operates at the creative level of a genius before the age of 5; the proportion exponentially decreases by adulthood. At the age of 18, only 2% of the population operates at this level. The pre-primary age is by far the most crucial stage in cognitive development. Studies have revealed that the ubiquitous use of smartphones across different socio-economic strata is hampering cognitive, behavioral and mental growth in children. This is largely because much of a toddler’s internet traffic is driven by videos and games which does little to enhance cognitive and creative skills. While we wish, children today spend fewer hours on smartphones playing games and watching videos; this is not a pragmatic ask for a multitude of reasons.

At ShikshAI, our vision is to make screen-time fun and educative for your children. The problem with the majority of today’s educational apps is that they operate in an instructional mode. Pedagogy is not a unidirectional approach; it proceeds in a cycle of ‘instruction-evaluation-correction’. Existing apps can only cover the first part; there is no evaluation and hence no correction. Our artificial intelligence (AI) will mimic the role of the teacher; hence it will be able to evaluate and gauge the child’s progress and take necessary steps for correction.

With our apps in your child’s hand, you can have the peace of mind that your kid is getting the most productive, educative and creative screen-time.

Srikanta Mandal, Founder, ShikshAI

Our Mission

There are innumerable apps available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store ‘claiming’ to be educative; while definitely instructional they lack the ability to evaluate your child’s learning. Pedagogy comprises of a feedback loop of instruction – evaluation – correction. Existing apps can only cover the first aspect – instruction; they cannot complete the cycle.

Our motto is to develop artificial intelligence (AI) powered apps that will complete the aforementioned teaching cycle. AI will don the role of a teacher. It will teach, evaluate your child’s progress and take necessary corrective steps when required.

Our apps are driven by the bleeding edge of AI – computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing etc. ShikshAI is led by Dr. Angshul Majumdar, who is among the top 2% of the AI researchers in the world, according to a list compiled by Stanford University in 2020. He brings the latest technologies developed in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning to power our apps that are uniquely designed to boost your child’s creative and cognitive skills.

Angshul Majumder, Founder, ShikshAI