Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a very broad topic today. It ranges from computers playing games to robots cleaning our homes, from autonomous driving to selecting shows and movies for us. The workhorse behind AI is machine learning. Today machine learning is largely dictated by Deep Learning (DL). DL is the technology that beat human expert in the game GO and accurately predict outcomes of sporting events. Here we leverage the power of deep learning in our educational apps and games to optimize your child’s learning in a fun yet fruitful way.

Currently our apps make use of vast range of techniques and algorithms in computer vision. At the broadest level these are computer vision, speech processing and natural language processing.

Computer Vision (CV) – This is a branch of AI that mimics human vision and understanding. It is used in our apps in various ways, for object detection, localisation, tracking etc. There are several top level conferences in this area – CVPR, ICCV, ECCV etc. We use the bleeding edge technologies from these conferences in our apps.

Speech Processing – There are several sub-branches that come under this topic, namely text-to-speech, speech-to-text, speech generation etc. We use all aspects of speech processing and understanding in most of our apps. InterSpeech is the top conference in this area; we regularly keep our speech processing modules updated from the proceedings of this conference.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) – NLP comes under AI and is mainly related to computational analysis of textual data. While it covers a wide range of textual data ranging from full documents to short text messages, we use the aspects of conversational AI in our apps. This is used largely to help toddlers in early speech. We leverage the algorithms presented at top venues like ACL, NAACL and EMNLP to power our educational apps and games.

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In Sanskrit, 'Shiksha' means education. At ShikshAI, we are introducing Artificial Intelligence in our education system to advance innovative ways to mediate learning and teaching. Our broad objective is to democratize education. Our AI boosted learning methods will aid and encourage children to learn through pedagogically enhanced apps that make learning easy and fun for children of any age.



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Gone are the days when your child has to learn fruits, vegetables, everyday objects, animals etc. from images and cartoons in drab books. Playing this fun game they can learn to identify them from real photos. This app uses state-of-the-art computer vision to detect the objects / animals / food / vegetables etc. and frames a question using text-to-speech. Your child has to touch the region of interest in the screen to identify. Don’t worry if your kid is not able to identify it the first few times; our AI enabled app will highlight the correct region of interest to teach your child.

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